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September 13-15, 2021

  • Listen! I know that you are at a crossroads wondering whether you should step out now, right?
  • You REALLY want stability in unstable times.
  • You want to make a transition into something else, but you are stuck where you are.
  • You know that you have what it takes to succeed because you are generating profits for your 9-5.
  • Pondering HOW you will make the money you need to succeed?
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I'm Ready to BUILD My Brand!

5 day. 5 lessons. 5 ways to develop your Build A Superstar Brand Blueprint.

Day 1. Get Out of Your Own Way!

Listen! You are a BADASS! But no matter how much you achieve and people look to you for your skills... you simply CANNOT believe that people would TRULY pay you for your skills!

You find yourself in rooms with the very people who are movers, shakers, and changemakers, but think you don't belong, right?

You believe a lie! Find out the truth on the FIRST DAY of the Masterclass!

Day 2. Create The Table

You know that you deserve to move from the Breakroom to the Boardroom... BUT, there's no seat for you at the table! Create your own table and RULE the damn space! Learn how in the Masterclass.

Day 3. Build a Superstar Squad

Building a sustainable brand means you must think, act, and move like a business owner, not the hired hand! Make a plan and create your top-notch line up of professionals to take you and your brand to the next level.

Day 4. Navigate the Money Conversation

Talking about prices makes you fearful. Potential are customers asking you to change or lower prices, aren't they? They say, "the other person ONLY charges X?" You give in and lower your prices...then feel frustrated for doing the work for so little, right?

Redirect that conversation and get paid what you are worth NOW!

Day 5. Build Your Brand Blueprint

Your unique brand blueprint is what sets you apart from your competition. Instead of following the cookie-cutter strategies of the gurus, create your own path to success with your brand blueprint.



"After working with LeTonya as my mentor, I went from years of speaking for FREE to securing speaking gigs paying in the THOUSANDS!"

- Taniki R. Chesapeake, VA

"In the first four months of working with LeTonya as my business mentor, my company grossed $500,000 and I'm set to open a 2nd retail location."

- Krystle J. Huntsville, AL

"I learned how to take what I had and grow my business. Four months, three sold out cohorts and launching a new one for a grand total of almost $50,000 in sales."

- Nia R. San Jose, CA

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MEET LeTonya Moore

The founder of 5-Star Brand Builders, LeTonya is dedicated to teaching legacy-driven experts and professionals how to leverage their expertise to build, grow, and legalproof their brands. After spending more than a decade working as a federal government lawyer, then working with emerging international brands. She is a 4th generation entrepreneur, who realized... that each generation had to literally start from scratch.

LeTonya is on a mission to change that for herself and for others. She adapted the same principles she uses working with her top-tier clients and teaches emerging brands the principles of how to dominate in the marketplace.